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Today, Pompeii is one of the most visited archeologic sites in Europe and attracts the lion's share of tourists visiting southern Italy. Pompeii had about 20,000 residents when it was completely buried by the ash and pumice stones created by the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius  in 79 A.D.. Excavations of the site began during the 17th century and are still being carried on today to discover the many treasures and buildings still buried.

After your visit of Pompeii (2 hours), our tour continues up to the crater of the Mount Vesuvius volcano that overlooks the whole Gulf of Naples. By car, we can drive up 3,200 feet of the 3,600 needed to reach the crater; the final stretch must be done on foot along the steep gravel trail that leads to the mouth of the crater.

Last, but not least, Herculaneum, buried along with Pompeii and other 8 towns in 79 A.D.. Herculaneum was covered by lava river rather than ash and stone, leaving it better preserved than other sites. The town was a residential area of no commercial importance, much smaller compared to Pompeii. A small part of the original town is still buried underneath the new city, and excavations continue today.

As an additional service, we can supply a personal private guide for the entire day or during your visit to Pompeii. We strongly recommend booking a private guide to save time and make the most of your visit to this fascinating yet complicated site.

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